6 days of temptation…

June has been such an eventful month already.. not only for my country, you know, with the stadium embarrassment and the plane disaster, but for me…

I’ve had 6 days of temptation..

6 days of choice morsels of delectable delights dangled temptingly in front of me.

6 days of whispered promises of pleasure and sweet sweet pain.

6 days of prospects of money and clothes and travel opportunities.

6 days.

Let me be a bit more elaborate.

I’ve always associated sugar daddies with the mental image of overweight pot-bellied toad-like men with hair poking out of their nostrils and ears. All such men who have approached me have been treated with contempt. I mean, what will I do with you, when handsome, young, strong delectable men are all over the place! 

oh oh oh, but then I met this man. Glorious, handsome, poetic, dreamy, magical, musical, beautiful beautiful man. I mean he’s old, probably 60 or more… but you should see his eyes, perpetually laughing eyes that manage to look soulful and deep. <sigh>

Without going into too much detail (as this remains a cherished personal memory for now), all I will say is that it was extremely difficult to say no.

Then came job number one and job number two. People that know me and interact with me will know I have strong ideas about giving back to society, and that I’ve already started work on my own social architecture organisation. I was pleasantly surprised to receive an email two days ago from an acquaintance. He was consulting for a company that needed a young architect, and he thought of me. The money is gooooooooooood. Let me repeat, gooooooooooooood. Not to mention the exposure, the clothing allowance, the travel opportunities… I was so tempted, but I know if I get into it, and it’s a 10 year contract, I’ll have absolutely no time to pursue my dreams of social architecture and higher education. And now that I have typed this out, I feel stupid again, but hey, I’ve made my decision.

For job number two, I cannot tell you about it, because it involves someone trying to poach me, and we don’t want my H.O.D seeing it, do we? It was really good too. <sigh>

The last temptation (for now)? It came in the form of a text message today. So there’s this guy. I had the biggest crush on him for the longest time, say about 5 or 6 years ago. He’s way older, he knew I was madly in love with him and oh, he’s used it to his advantage. So he ‘texts’ me. “I just got to Kumasi”, he says, “Do you want to hang out?” he asks… and since I know he’ll be reading this post, No, the answer is No. I will not be ‘hanging out’ with you.

6 days into June, and see me see wahala!