Awesome Deal for 2 Ghana Cedis!!!

Hello everyone…

I would like to tell you something about Jarreth Merz, a Swiss born actor, director and producer. He grew up in Ghana, Germany and Switzerland. Read more about him here

Perhaps I’ll blog about his acting career later, for instance about the fact that he played Simon of Cyrene, an innocent bystander who was forced to help Jesus carry his cross in Mel Gibson’s The Passion, but for now, I want to tell you about Jarreth’s project A Political Safari

He is currently in Europe, with a vision to take his film An African Election on the road with a truck and a movie screen to conduct a mobile screening outreach program. After the sad incident of of President John Evan Atta Mills’ death, I get that there’s a sense of anxiety in the nation. The constitution was successfully followed to the letter after his demise, and the vice president was sworn in as president. In spite of this, people are nervous, especially with talk of what the NDC will do for a flagbearer.

I feel that, now, more than ever, people need to see this film. We need to remember how strong we were during the last election. We need to remember that we do not devolve over a simple matter like an election. We need to remember.

Jarreth writes ” It is time to take An African Election back home to Ghana so I can share the story of an election that made history. In an age where we have seen too many failures, this exemplifies an African success story. Help us take this story on the road by supporting our Political Safari Kickstarter campaign. We have a little under 3 weeks left to raise $32,000 and we believe we can do it with your help! Please join our journey and help make this Political Safari a reality.” 

This brings me to the problem of money, and credit card access here in Ghana. 

1. From the website, you can contribute as little as 1 dollar. That’s about 2 Ghana Cedis. That’s about the amount of call credit you use in a day, That’s two bottles of Coca-Cola, two fingers of rosted plantain (Yes! plantains out of season). That’s also a stick of khebab. There’s also an option for 10 dollars. That’s 20 Ghana Cedis. Less than a VIP bus ticket to Kumasi from Accra. That’s about a one week internet bundle form one of these crazy telcos.

2. Credit Card. I hear you can get one for free if you open an account with Zenith Bank or GT Bank. You can also beg one of your borga paddies or Gh based ones with a credit card to make the contribution for you. You WILL repay, won’t you? Surely, you can convince you sugar daddy/mummy to help as well? Sakawa boys Internet Entrepreneurs, how about you hold up on the Lamborghini order for 5 minutes and contribute to this worthy cause. And my summer borgas, please drop one tank top or t-shirt maybe, and give to this cause. 

In conclusion, please support the Political Safari Kickstarter campaign!

Akpe na mi loo. Medawoase. Oyiwaladon