It seems like I can only blog when I’m feeling some sort of extreme emotion… hurt, anger, happiness…

Three weeks ago, I saw the good in everyone and everything, I was hopeful about so many things. A friend that I hadn’t spoken to for months came through for me in a great moment of need. My friends were being so nice, so helpful, so good… I loved the world,
Unfortunately, the universe (or God or Allah or Robocop) thought i had it too good (i think). So the universe (or God, or Allah or Michael Power) decided to help me with regain some cynicism and sourness. The universe (or God or Allah or Kofi Babone) decided to use the past two weeks to teach me some vital lessons. Lessons like,
1. Always assume the worst will happen
2. Do not be too happy. It’s annoying to the universe and God and to Allah and to Miss Piggy
3. Your being good to someone does not guarantee their being good to you.
Honestly, I’ve always known number three but all the la-di-da and roses and candy from three weeks ago had clouded my memory.
So this blog post is dedicated to the universe (or God or Allah or Kweku Ananse) for teaching me these lessons. I almost became content.
I’m afraid I don’t find this post entertaining at all. From Lesson one, it’s safe to assume you won’t find this post interesting. It’s safe to assume that a meteorite will squeeze under my door, blow me to smithereens, open my fridge and finish my cream cheese, marry Johnny Depp and go back to outer space.
I’m afraid I have to go now, can’t seem to be able to see clearly. Perhaps it’s because the tears have started flowing in earnest now. More likely I’ve contracted some kind of cancer of the cornea from holding back my tears in the first place.

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