Katanga, Commonwealth, Unity and other diseases.

For six months now, this post has been languishing in my drafts folder. What a wonderful time to publish it, now that one of the male-only halls is celebrating 50 years of being in existence. Unfortunate existence, I might add.

A good friend went to Unity Hall in KNUST to visit a childhood friend who had just entered the university as a first year student. He was accompanied by a young woman who was the first year student’s sister. They got to the entrance to the hall and decided to wait for him downstairs because his room was on the seventh floor and well, nobody enjoys going up six flights of stairs. The two visitors found a bench and sat on it.
Barely a minute later, they realized that there was a young man on the fifth floor of one of the blocks trying to get their attention. He was waving his arms about in a rather wild manner and shouting some words that they really couldn’t make out. Eventually, he rushed downstairs to confront them.
Apparently, the bench they were sitting on belonged to a certain god of Unity hall and no woman was allowed to touch it, let alone sit on it and this young warrior, pursuing a degree at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology seemed to be the mouthpiece of this particular god.
My friend was livid, and justifiably so. He thought it was nonsense and said so without mincing words. They got off the bench, but the young woman took offence at the way the mouthpiece of the gods acted. She demanded an apology for his rudeness. To cut a long story short, Mr. Mouthpiece of the god nearly hit her. Were it not for my friend and a few passersby, the young lady might have received some ‘hot and dirty’ slaps.
Most girls that have attended KNUST know too well what happens when they enter the male-only halls. They get an earful of profanities, lewd gestures and remarks, insults, wolf whistles and the like. Someone actually had a guy come out of his room, stand in front of her and grab his penis! Oh did I mention he was stark naked? I myself have had a rather nasty experience at Commonwealth hall in the University of Ghana which I won’t narrate because I really do not want to relive that experience.
And all the primitive, backward, and stupid ‘rituals’ and ‘traditions’!! Oh let me list… Things like Vandalism… Instances of ‘shit bombing’… I’m getting worked up.
I wish I had the time, energy and finger muscles needed to share more horror stories with you but I don’t, so I’ll conclude.
These halls are nurturing a whole lot of , to quote a great man, ‘ avoidable’ graduates. To be honest, and to be fair, a large number of my male friends were in these halls and turned out really well. To be honest, and to be fair, these friends did not take part.in the nonsense that is so routine in these halls. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why they turned out well.
So here’s my little bit, on Katanga, Commonwealth Unity and other diseases.


16 thoughts on “Katanga, Commonwealth, Unity and other diseases.

  1. I was led to this page by a link on a senior fellow’s page. I do not have anything against the write up here but a couple of questions do come at me. How does an experience in Unity Hall spread to all the other halls? You started by alluding to an experience (a reported one at that) and concluded that it is common amongst all the other halls. Would it be fair for one to also use their experience (of say at a female hall) and lump all other female hall graduates as ‘avoidable’? Granted that what your friend said is common, is that all there is to say/report about the Halls? what about the many, many and infact countless good deeds that they have championed in the democracy of Ghana and towards national development? It is quite disheartening that you are quick to state that the existence of University Hall is unfortunate when we, as Ghanaians/Africans, take umbrage at ‘foreigners’ who ALWAYS focus on the negative parts of our nation/continent and brand all things negative. Isn’t that what you doing here? The full import of such write-ups should be thought through instead of basing an opinion on just one occurance and a reported one at that. there are two sides to a coin-think about it! Hopefully, your opinion is evolving and won’t be stuck on the negatives for long.

    • Oh I have experienced Katanga as well, I was heckled. Friends have had worse. Like I wrote in the post, I’m not keen on.cataloguing all my experiences.
      I just spoke to another senior Fellow of Katanga about this. He’s currently a lecturer at KNUST. He said these things were not done in Katanga when he was there some 20 or so years ago. He had an interesting hypothesis… That somewhere along the line, senior Fellows stopped imparting knowledge of the good values that Katanga stands/stood for to junior fellows. Instead they focused on the more ‘fun’ aspects. He said during his time in Katanga, nobody trailed because they had a system of helping one another. I’m inclined to believe him because it seems like in KNUST, the past was always better. What do you think?
      I was admitted into KNUST in 2006.

      • 2006? I believe that was when the in out out out/in system was operational. I can imagine there was a time when a particular Hall was filled with only first years and probably the Hall Execs and that meant little direction in the way things are done at the Halls. Nonetheless, i think your write-up is so generalized and i will advise you to look at both sides of the coin if you want to be regarded as credible. Your title is so prejudiced that it smacks of a personal agenda against the all male halls and by extension, my Katanga. I entered UST in 1991 and left in 1996 and so i can tell you about the heroic achievements of Katanga in my time to the extent that when external rapist descended on Tech campus it took the dynamism and the fearlessness of Katangese to drive them away. Katangese have always been there for the ladies, protecting them when the need arose. My recommendation is for you to ‘dig’ out more information across the different generations before you throw out such garbage onto the internet.

      • Why don’t you start a blog and write about these ‘heroic feats’ of Katanga and ask the ‘ladies’ Katanga has protected to do the same.
        My blog is about my personal experiences.

  2. Kuukuwa

    This one…u r guilty of GROSS OVER-GENERALISATION! Ebei!

    Truth is a lot of ungentlemanly things go on in these male-only halls… but thats it…WITHIN the hall’s four corners! well occassionally it spills out…no pun intended.

    Like other halls these halls have helped nurture plenty good and a few bad folk who r running affairs accross our planet!

    Methinks I could make a sentence here: storm, tea, cup?

    Asem b dis!

    • Actually, I’m still waiting to
      meet someone who turned out well, despite participating in those hall “activities”
      Perhaps you can introduce me to a few.

      • Ebei Kuukuwa,

        I will not name-drop here. Jus ask http://katangaweb.com/ to furnish you with some of this info. These activities don’t cause PERMANENT DAMAGE you know.

        Plus some girls actually like it.


    • charley ebi kofi annan and yes he was a continental
      a Nobel price laureate and former UN secretary general

  3. I must admit that is a very interesting post you have there. And i like the fact that you wrote everything based on your personal experience so i wager everything here is your “idea” of how (and i speak for the University Hall) katanga is. Well i am compelled to agree with you on the issue of profanity and nudity in the hall but to call the existence of the hall unfortunate? That I think you must reconsider. Would you consider your existence unfortunate based on mistakes and blunders? I doubt you would. To call this halls existence unfortunate is call to establishment of the student clinic unfortunate and its also to call the the prevention of the university infringing on the rights of students unfortunate and its also to call the numerous ladies you tend to advocate for who saved from the hands of rapist and cohorts also unfortunate to mention a few. Katanga as you came to meet has been active in Student advocacy and many major changes we now see on campus has resulted from the activism of the hall since the SRC as we know only nutures selfish bureaucratic leaders. And for your information if you care to know there are hundreds of Fellow gentlemen running the affairs of this nation and beyound who participated not partially but fully in this activities. For certain reasons i will withhold real names examples are Malone a very active member of parliament, Pina A top executive of Anglogold Ashanti, A past MD of Barclays bank Ghana, and very high ranking Millitary and Police Personals i am confident you might have heard of. I am quite puzzled though because you referred to men of this halls as “avoidable” graduates but still had the guts to confer to one on issues of this hall and i am confident you have come into contact with most of this “avoidable” graduates in your time in school and in the work place as well. Yes our Junior Common Room members have done things in recent years that are excess but do not be cantankerous and venomous tongued towards the hall. Your concern is well noted though.

  4. Vandalism made me what I am today and I am forever grateful. It may surprise you to learn that a large proportion of the men hardened in these halls have held and hold a large proportion of influential positions in Ghana, and to a lesser extent worldwide. Vandalism never dies. My people, sharp!

  5. Hello Kuukuwa,
    We the katangese have noted very well your unfortunate incidents. However consider the fact that male-only halls like the mentioned will continue to nurture whether good or bad charactors as far as you and I .. that we come from different backgrounds “charity begins at home” defines everything since I have personally seen a student of a renouned bible school arrested of rape…
    So my dear spare us a bit “off” such rancorous description of any hall’s existance okay, plssss.

  6. As a former member of unity hall {conti } myself .With all due respect i think your female friend should count her self lucky , Ive witnessed the boys do far more horrible things than hold thier private parts and attempt to slap ladies before.throughout my stay at conti most boys on my floor refereed to each other as ” 3twe” that they name they called everybody and it did not matter if you protested the name or not that’s what you’ll be called.And as for “Aboagyewaa’s” bench even i understand the vigorous way the boy used .
    and Ive seen a girl get almost assaulted for entering the hall in a red dress by over 1000 boys before.its not an ideal situation but it is what is ,was and will be
    that’s what separate the male halls from other halls

  7. His excellency Mr John Dramani Mahama was a member of the traditional council back in the University of Ghana as a ‘Vandal'(Commonwealth hall).That does not make him less of a real Gentleman. I think this male-only halls is the best place to be.It helps to contrive phantom ideas which is exceptional. As a katangee I will say DSP Kofi Boakye is a noble and indisputably one of the best Police man in the country, he is well known for the arrest of the most wanted criminal in the country,Atta Ayi.He was a katangee who immeasurably took part in the activities of the hall,Katanga.We should not concentrate on de negativities alone

  8. Am a future under..g student of Knust. Notably from Great Kasec.
    I impressed but a little bit perplexed as to what calibre of students are actually in these halls of residence.
    I believe strongly an advising board would have to tangle in with me to render me rescue…
    …looking forward to that…

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