ONe Simple Step, My letter to President Mahama

Dear Mr. President,

I humbly and respectfully write to you as a young woman living in Ghana today.

I shall not attempt to list all the problems that our country faces because I believe you know them all, and you are more worried than I am about them.

I will however share with you what I believe has come to be the Ghanaian dream for many young people like myself in our country.


This seems to the Ghanaian dream, according to an overwhelming majority of young people in my circles :

To go to a good, “first class” secondary school,

and get good enough grades to gain admission to one of the “good” public universities to pursue a first degree in any field,

To proceed to get a national service posting in a “good” company by paying small bribes or having “solid links”…

To gain admission to a university abroad, preferably one in the US or the UK and graduate with a master’s degree…

To get a “good”, well-paying job in one of the aforementioned countries, get a house there, buy cars, get married, have kids…

And to “come home” to Ghana for Christmas every year, or for an extended holiday once in a while…

And perhaps, to retire to Ghana at age 60, or move back to take up a CEO position or a government appointment


This is heartbreaking, Mr. President, and I believe the generation of future leaders should not be thinking like this.

There is a glimmer of hope however, for there is another group of young Ghanaians who dream of a New Ghana, a country that we can all be proud of. A country in which people have equal opportunities, and where anyone can rise up and succeed by working hard and being determined. These young people are eager to make a change and are full of good intentions for Ghana and for Ghanaians.

Sadly, Mr. President, as things stand, it is getting harder and harder for these young people to want to stay and contribute to national development in Ghana.

I do not blame you or your government for this, for I think our problems have been building up over a long period of time. I also think that things can and will get better if we work hard.

Change, real change for the better, Mr. President, is long overdue.

Please lead us.


Yours faithfully,

Kuukuwa Manful