Komla Dumor – An Epic Novel

I found it hard to sleep last night. There was a lot of sadness, anger and frustration in my heart as thoughts of Komla Dumor’s untimely demise filled my head.

Sadness, because a great Ghanaian man with a great life story with even greater potential died. 

Anger, because, God, Why did you let him die?! 

Frustration, because his death gave me an intense feeling of impotent irritation and disappointment. They way I feel when I read book 3 or book 5 of a great fantasy novel series and realise that it’s actually meant to be part of a 7-part series and the author hasn’t finished the next installment…

Komla Dumor’s life was an epic novel. It had the perfect initial setting and preliminary struggle. It had the major triumph at chapter 6 or 7. Our hero, as I’ve mentioned before, dropped out of medical school to become a traffic watch journalist. Who does that? Only a man with a big dream. He went on to become the best morning show host I have ever listened to.

Now in an average novel, this would be the end of the story, but average is not a word one would think of using to describe Komla Dumor. In the epic novel he had many other triumphs; BBC radio, BBC TV, TEDx, On the 100 most influential Africans list… etc. And in the spirit of epic novels, I just knew there had to be more. It was just like reading Book 5 of a Song of Ice and Fire, getting into the middle pages and saying to myself “This is not the last one”. Or reading Book 2 of the Kingkiller Chronicles, realising I had more pages on the left of the open book and groaning because I somehow knew Patrick Rothfuss hadn’t written Book 3 yet. 

These feeling were multiplied by a 1000 last night, and around 1:00am, I finally found myself blinking back the sudden rush of tears. After feeling miserable for a while and thinking more on the epic novel analogy, a ray of sunlight pierced through the gloom.

You see, in the world of fantasy literature, writers have been known to die before they complete a series, and other writers step in, and finish the story. That’s the thought that took me to bed. 



And then I woke up, and got to photoshopping 


Komla Dumor was working on a book. I hope he finished it.



4 thoughts on “Komla Dumor – An Epic Novel

  1. Beautiful piece about a truly great man who got me to start listening to the super morning show back in class 5. Didn’t know much about what was going on but I listened anyway. Got me late for school a few times but I guess it was worth it. We won’t see another personality on Gh radio like him for a long, long time. R.I.P Komla.

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