Raised by an overweight woman who mixes up her r’s and l’s
Raised by a prematurely bent man who irons people’s clothes for a living
Raised by a primary school teacher who says she and his when she ought to say he and hers
Raised by a Madina to Kaneshie trotro driver who started out as a trotro mate
Raised by a tired old market woman who dropped out of school in Primary 2 to work in a farm

Educated in the best public school she could afford
Extra studies teacher for Mathematics because you didn’t understand ratios and proportions
English textbooks and all the storybooks you wanted though he couldn’t read or write very well

Just so you could have a better life than they have

And all your working moments are spent trying to make enough to make him happy too
Sometimes, in the quiet of the night, you sit and pray… that she doesn’t die before you can afford to send her on a trip around the world
Because though he says all he really wants is to see you happy with your own family, you want to give him more
Because she deserves it

And when that moment comes, you savour it

That look of pride and gratitude on a parents face when you do good is worth every sleepless night
Worth all that extra work

Above all, you see that they see that you were worth it too.

I love hearing Michael Bublé sing…

I’m not one of those musical people…
You know, those people that listen to a song, and hear all the instruments in the background and don’t really care about the lyrics.
All I hear is the voices… and the words… and the words the voices make me hear.

I love hearing Michael Bublé sing.

Whether it’s a flirty, bubbly song…
Or a simple deep, sorrowful one.
He lifts me up up up, brings me down down down… Makes me smile, sometimes I want to cry.
He makes me remember the entirety of old relationships- you know, not just the sad, depressing moments – but the happy and awkward and funny times too.
And though I get sad, I get happy too.
He makes me feel like I can sing, though I know I can’t…

I love hearing Michael Bublé sing.

Whether it’s an old song that I’m familiar with…
An old song I don’t know…
Or a new song that he makes sound old and timeless in that way he makes songs sound old and timeless.
I feel him sing.
Sometimes for a fleeting moment, I close my eyes and see him singing to me, singing with me…

I love hearing Michael Bublé sing.