Rotten Musings

“If it favours me, I will defend it” That’s the way some people went a long time ago concerning the slave trade and racist laws.

You complain so much about being discriminated against based on the colour of your skin. Yet, you turn around and discriminate against others based on their gender.

It’s in the bible you say. Guess what else was justified with the bible? Slavery, Colonisation, Racism, Murder.

“Touch not my anointed” “Don’t you know he’s a man of God”. You know how Protestantism started? Let me tell you – by a group of people finding errors in the teachings of the Catholic Church. You know who a Protestant is? Let me tell you – It’s most of you non-Catholics. Dissenting Catholics opened the way for you Charismatics and Pentecostals. Someone challenged the status quo.

“If it favours me, I will defend it”. This is the way some of you have chosen to go.

I’ve stopped thinking about the thought process behind accepting the religion that was behind your people’s subjugation.

I’ve stopped wondering why the chapel in Elmina Castle was built on top of the slave dungeon and how people could reconcile “God is Love” with praying with the sound of suffering slaves in the background.

I’ve stopped thinking about how Jesus wasn’t a rich man on earth but some African pastors are among the richest while claiming to be Christian – Christlike.

I’ve stopped wondering how and why reasonable and intelligent people that I know and love keep going to those kind of churches. It’s a fruitless endeavour.

I’ve tried praying for stupidity or gullibility or a less questioning mind. Anything to make believing in God easier for me.