LOL Funniest Fantasy Premier Team League Names – Ghana

A usual, I’m late again.

No, not that way…

I’m late as in I waited till the last moment to work on my Fantasy Team. After about 30 minutes of huffing and puffing, I decided to check out the competition in the Ghanaian leagues…

Now I can’t concentrate because I’m laughing too hard. Some people have gone hard on this naming of teams thing! Ei!


Anyway, here’s a round up of the plain funniest + most hilarious, most creative and gasp inducing names I’ve seen so far. Some come from twitter inside jokes, so you gosta understand the joke to get the name.

In no particular order….

1. OlutuGbemi – I know what Gbemi means, but who is Olutu and why are we naming teams after his Gbemi?

2. Election Petition – I know right? Lol

3. Maame Ne Paapa FC – Maame ne Paapa paa! ad3n?

4. sch dropouts – smh

5. Don’t-disgrace-me FC – hahahaha, good one. I should have used this

6. FC Friendzone – Why put your team in a friendzone? why evils?

7. Zaphaneth Paneah – Zaphaneth will be with us for a long time

8. gbonyo11 – Gbonyo? How? LOOOOOL

9. BareNakedLadies – Imagine a SuperSports commentator mentioning the name of this team with a straight face…

10. Detroit De Poverty – I think I get it, lol

11. CreepGang Pervs – Twitter jokes

12. CoCo Haram Fc – We could get into a lot of trouble with this one

13. Wenger IX – Now this is just funny. Just because

14. Ayigbe Killers – This team cannot lose hehehe

15. Konkonte Pe Awia FC – X_X *dead*

16. atopa all stars – hmmm, sexxxxy

17. Who-Art-In-Tw3krom  – Where’s tw3krom? I wanna go there too :-3

18. Diswaychocol8dr FC – LOL

19. Ab3nkwan All Stars – more twitter jokes

20. OlyDade,OlyGbogbo – This one just makes me laugh