A Ghanaian Holocaust?

I sit here on my bed watching ‘The Pianist’ with tears streaming down my face and anger mixed with pity in my heart. As I watch the movie, I try to imagine myself as a Jew living under such circumstances. I am outraged, confused, horrified and above all filled with an overwhelming sense of pity.

I ask myself how it ever happened. I wonder what kind of people would do such horrible things to their fellow human beings. What were they thinking? How did they see the Jews or the Gypsies? Possible answers flood my brain. I’ve been putting off reading Mein Kampf for so long. I find it, start reading it and stop in disgust. On particular bit really catches my attention…

“And so I believe to-day that my conduct is in accordance with the will of the Almighty Creator. In standing guard against the Jew I am defending the handiwork of the Lord.”

New thoughts fill my head now… ‘Could this happen in Ghana?’ I panic ‘No! Absolutely not! We’re peace-loving… We are’ Unbidden, memories of some of the things I heard and read when the issues of homosexuality came up in Ghanaian public discourse flood my head. Things like

Let’s gather all the lesbians and rape them. That will teach them to like men.

If I found out my son was gay, I would kill him.

These people are not proper human beings. They are an abomination.

God detests homosexuality.

The Bible speaks against it. If we do not want to incur the wrath of God, let’s put a stop to homosexuality.

Some ministers ordered the arrest of homosexuals in their communities. Mothers cast away their sons.

The beginnings are harmless enough… They start with statements like these from ‘righteous’ people.

One thing I know is that Hitler did not develop these ideas in a vacuum, all by himself. He heard things, he saw things.. People were muttering about the Jews around him.. He read articles and books.. Yes. Including the Bible. He interpreted it to suit his own ideals.

Then they become ideas that fester and become ‘views’ and if it is not checked, soon enough, another Adolf or Adolfine might rise and form an opinion about it, maybe write a book. Perhaps she/he will get to become an architect and it would stop there. Well, perhaps she/he would design some pretty horrendous building, but hey, it’s nothing we have not seen before… And what if it doesn’t stop there? What if she/he becomes the most powerful person in Ghana, or Africa and decides to rid the world of ‘undesirables’.

I shudder to imagine what might happen. For perhaps the millionth time in my life, I wonder if there’s really a God. I wont feel assured of that today. Perhaps I’ll feel it tomorrow when I hear my  mother’s voice or see a beautiful cloud.

Not tonight… My heart is too heavy, my nose is too runny…