On Nana Oye Lithur, those Pastors and Members of Parliament

The ongoing Gay Rights ‘Debate’ in Ghana really annoys me.

First of all, most of the people debating don’t even know what these Gay Rights are… Either that, or they are intentionally being obtuse.
More importantly, I really wish that as a country, we would direct all the passion that the subject of homosexuality inspires in our innocent and pious hearts towards something that’s more important… like… hmm let me see… Oh, here’s a thought… we could passionately seek solutions to our electricity and water problems!

Unfortunately, this wish of mine will probably never come true, and my attempt to ignore the stupidity that the debate in its various manifestations inevitably reveals has failed. Once Again.

This example of Gay Rights inspired stupidity has been worrying me for a long time. When I saw a news article about an Association of Pastors against the appointment of Nana Oye Lithur, I was rather shocked, which is weird, because there’s not much a pastor in Ghana can do that will shock me. I also listened, with increasing incredulity, to a radio discussion where some NPP members of Parliament complained about the appointment of Nana Oye Lithur and how we (Ghana) would incur the wrath of God if she wasn’t removed immediately.

First Question: Is Nana Oye Lithur that good?
Does she have a superpower we haven’t been told about? Perhaps some super mind-control wave thingy that she will use to force the pastors and MPs to have a super gay orgy? No? Or does the Minister of Gender, Children and Social Protection have the authority to pass laws? Why are they so worried about her appointment?!

Second Question: Why won’t the MPs just pass a law against the damn thing?
Or at least amend the existing law. The law on unnatural carnal knowledge is not very direct ( we have been told). Fortunately for them, MPs on both sides of the house are united in their hatred for homosexuals, so how hard is it to simply do their job… you know… The one we pay them GhC7200.00 for.

Third Question: Why are some pastors so darn stupid?
You would think they would form an Association against Corruption, Or Spouse Abuse, or Rape or something.

I’ll stop here. If I continue, I might just say exactly what I think about these pastors.