Rest in Peace Komla Dumor. Damrifa Due


I write this with a heavy heart.

Komla Dumor is dead.

I’m remembering his big April Fools’ Day wedding prank, and there’s a little part of me still hoping this story too is some sort of prank.

I have many memories of listening to Komla Dumor in the morning… before school in JSS. His voice was absolutely delightful and my friend Suzzy and I had huge crushes on him. We had never seen him before, but that didn’t stop us from constructing elaborate teenage fantasies about the guy. Suzzy talked to him first; she was home with a flu (or something) and she called in to the morning show. I was so jealous. And then he left Joy fm, moved to BBC and the rest is history.

One of my favourite Komla stories is about his dropping out of medical school…¬†about how he was a disgrace to his parents in 1992, and that “It was a long and hellish road back to respectability”

I didn’t see any of the struggles on that road, all I saw was Komla Dumor being amazing at the BBC and making me so proud to be Ghanaian.

I remember his smile- he had a big, slightly goofy, sincere-looking smile with a deep, rich laugh to match.

And his diction, Oh it was impeccable. The man could speak English!

Komla Dumor was a great man who achieved a lot in his life. I’m convinced that he would have achieved even more.

Professor Ewurama Addy died this week as well, and I tweeted about how great it is that she left an autobiography behind. You know, so we can read and imagine and get inspired by her life in those pages…

I know Komla Dumor was writing a book too. I hope he finished it.