Hating on Menstruating >_<

 I HATE menstruating. Why do female human beings have to menstruate? Can’t we just pass gas once a month?

When I feel that twinge in my abdomen that heralds the start of my period, I feel like crying. I used to take combinations of Ibuprofen, Hostan, Panadol and Diclofenac for the pain, but I cut down when I legit saw stars in the daytime once. 

I hate menstruating, because it’s hard to concentrate on work when you’re continuously excreting blood and constantly having to check if it’s time for a change. I hate it, because it means I can’t go to site, or take long trips if I don’t have bathroom arrangements planned in advance. I tried taking a long trip while on my period once, and ended up crying outside a pit latrine in Dormaa Ahenkro because that was the only place available for me to change in. (sigh) It also means I can’t eat chocolate, or sugar, though for some weird reason Coca-cola settles my stomach and soothes my cramps. 


If someone came up with a drug that stops menstruation but has no adverse effects on fertility… Chai!